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i installed the s92 factory pro evo shift star and spring on my 08 orange and black because i kept getting a false neutral between 5th and 6th gear, before this i adjusted the shift lever down some to get more leverage on the shifter and put amsoil 10-40 oil in, this didnt help any, so i buttoned everthing up, take off for a test ride now i get false neutral between 3,4,5 and 6th, its unrideable, so i will take it back apart to see if i done something wrong, it has 1300 miles and never abused, when i realized it was worse now than before i installed the kit, it felt like somebody kicked me in the stomach, any help would be appreciated.


where it ends up between the gears and not actually in either say 3rd or 5th but the detent arm does not go into the resesed area for the gear it gets kind stuck somewhere in between so you thought you shifted and get on the throttle only to find a lott of revs and now power through the transmition


Take it back apart-something's wrong.
I did mine this past spring and love it! Much less effort and more positive shifting. Install is a little tricky but not that bad.
My '08 also has what I call a double shift that is sometimes felt shifting into 6th and once in a great while going into 5th, also. It feels like it hesitates in between gears but as long as you keep pressure on the shifter it completes the shift unless I'm really shifting lazy. It only occurs at lower rpm and really isn't much of a issue IMO, at least on my bike. After installing the shift kit the notchy 5-6 is still there but the effort to get past it is considerably less.
I suspect you may have an issue with the new spring-double check the install of the detent lever and spring. The detent roller should line up correctly with the star. The star can only go on one way so that should be fine. Check it out and let us know.


for those wondering what i did wrong, when i tightened the arm with the spring and little bearing on the end, the spring wasnt seated just right where the bolt passes through it, and it was binding not allowing the arm with the little bearing move up and down freely, now its all good, no more missed shifts so far, was well worth the money.

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