Factory Pro Tuning EVO SHIFT KIT




Alright, the first link I provided doesn't offer free shipping so the $138 jumps to $147 with some discount shipping and $151 with UPS shipping. Need to make a call to another place that says it will beat the best shipped price. Amazon has a place selling them for $144 and if you sign up for the Amazon Visa card, they knock $30 off bringing it down to $114 but I have no use for the credit card and not sure I want to go thru the hassle of signing up for it and canceling it.


Thought others might appreciate the info. Crappy rainy day here so figured I would spend some time looking for the best price seeing as this will be my next mod. Not a big deal. So far I have it where I could save about $45 off list price but seeing as that's not worth it to YOU, I'll stop posting now. :whistle:


Call me Liberace!
got mine from marc on the factory pro ebay store. military hookup ftw!
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