extension blocks :)


went over to tricked out cycles yesterday and bought me a nice set of extension blocks for the busa. i think im gonna be in love.
Generally bolt on extensions aren't a good idea, specially on a turbo bike. There's another thread that was posted recently with a set that broke. Depending on how much you paid for those, I could get you a quality swing arm for a few hundred more.
i got a chain and a brake line with it and i only paid 300 for it there great quality and everyone i know that runs them doesnt have an issue i am racing the bike but im on a fixed income
I rode my bike from the guys house I bought it from with the block on it. She was since then. Picked up a 4" over stock arm on clist. I got a KILLER deal on it, I felt like he should have calle the police and had me arrested for robbing him... But I have seen extensions break my friend, not a fun experience. If ur just put-puttin around they are fine, but don't plan on putting any real HP down consistently before upgrading to a new arm. Better safe than sorry!!
i had a buddy who ran extension blocks on his turbo bike and never had any issues depends on which quality of blocks you buy
True! Quality means a lot. But extensions are a way of circumventing the more appropriate way of extending your bike. There are plenty of guys who have had plenty of "luck" with extensions. But also plenty with bad luck (it's not just me, or the guys on here)... But when was the last time you heard of somone snapping a swingarm? ... That's all I think we are saying here.

I am a true believer that there is no substitute for a tried and tested guarantee! Especially when your well being is involved. All I can say is good luck, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up. Have fun my friend! :-)
Google is an amazing thing isn't it! Lol

Yes, but look at the bike... now look at the swingarm... No bracing. It's meant for weight savings, not rigidity.
You do know who made that arm correct? It's not the arm, it's the lack of a rushed job by the customer and shop not doing as they normally do..
no gussets in a critical area..

And this is why I won't sell those skinny arms like that.
Hey Gixx1300R if I could hit the like button twice on that pic I would :laugh:

I gotta get my hands on 1 of them :whistle: