Ever just look at your bike and...


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so it's raining today and i'm workin' on the house. the garage door is open and as i'm walking i see Celine in all her beauty sitting there patiently waiting for our next trip together. i walk inside thinking about my first bike a brand new 2001 harley i had until this winter. i think about how nice that bike was and how much i enjoyed it, but as i think of my busa i know...THIS is the ultimate machine, all i ever thought it would be and more...simply...amazing
everytime i walk in the garage to drop a load of laundry in the wash, i give ole princess a little

yeah, im addicted but i love it!
every time I walk by. In fact is it's been raining here the last couple days and I haven/t been able to ride so last night I sat on my bike on the stands and had a beer.
Every day since I picked her up!
I've been known to take an unnecessary trip out to the garage to have a peek!
Couldn't ride today beacsuse it was incredibly hot, even for FL, and rain on/off throughout the day and evening. I was just happy to change the oil and clean her up w/ Honda Cleaner/Polish.

So pissed I was not able to ride this weekend. Can't wait til' rainy season is over. At least I have Ernesto to keep things exciting for the next few days.
i find myself opening the garage door jut to make sure she is still their and an automatic grin apears i love my bike....lol man i do have it bad
I've had my '06 "Blue Bullit" for ONE MONTH AND FIVE DAYS now and have already done my 4000 mile maintenance just yesterday. After my daughter and I rode saturday,and the time I spent on it today, I have a little over 4250 miles on my new baby...I really got into all the inspections a little deeper yesterday (i.e. checking the spark plugs and such...) and was just really surprised at how amazingly thought out and designed this monster really is...I am PROUD to have such an awesome machine....All I want to do is ride...It was truly worth the wait for me...I eyeballed this machine ever since its debut in '99- said I wouldn't buy another bike UNTIL I could get this one...and bought it in July...
It's so funny you started this topic today cause I planned to do the same thing.

I took these at the office today

and me. Proud of myself, I've lost 2" in the stomach since I returned to the gym.


I kept hearing noises in my garage last night, I went out there and the busa was trying to start itself and come pick me up.....kind of a wierd dream, but I could believe it.