you all need to realize it has been a nice long dry summer for the most part, and you may "think" you have beaten the dragon....  but when you least expect it!!  

I will keep on saying it... I prefer to ride mine 1/4 mile at a time.

be safe out there. :beerchug:
Yep, always pay 150% attention to the task at hand and where your gear. At least wear a helmet and gloves - the potential of not doing so can be extremely high.
Yes the wrecks are emotionally draining and frustrating. Seems like so many. Makes me wonder...when will my turn come...but I think the forum needs to hear about these wrecks. I have learned a lot from them and now wear a lot more gear than I used to. It appears it has saved the skin of many of us. It also forces us to realize that we have to be 1000% more alert than the cage drivers on the streets.

My .02 cents worth...
I will keep on saying it... I prefer to ride mine 1/4 mile at a time.
I ride mine a 1/4 mile at a time also
.................. I just tend to put a lot of those 1/4 miles together at a time  :laugh:

Ride like the cagers are out to get you, because some of them are!

Ride safe  
Gear... ALWAYS where your gear brothas and sistas!

eff "the man" in the cage! I laugh in his general direction...

Always always expect the most unexpected and bizarre things to happen when you are riding.

1. Deer in the middle of a 1,000,000 plus populated city walking down town.

2. Semi trailer coming at you with no truck pulling it.

3. Car with no one driving it coming down the road.

4. Fireworks coming out of a car at you and everyone else.

5. Truck tire flying over your head at about 80 miles per hour.

6. A car pulling out directly in front of you,but stops in time, only to start out again and almost hit you.

All these are true, and there are many more bizarre things that can happen.