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Was wondering who can flash a good tune or Dyno tune using ECU Editor around north west Florida? I had a buddy of mine flash his tune to my ECU which made a huge difference with the new TiForce exhaust. He had his bike Dyno tuned using ECU Editor, but has the full Akrapovic system and I have the full TiForce system with aftermarket filter. But, I have no idea what the AFR is on the bike.

Bike is a 2012
If the bike runs good meaning it has no major hickups then is save the money and just ride it. I had the same thoughts about my busa. I put a full devil header with a werkes gp-1 afterburner can plus k&n filter and figured it would need a tune. Well after I rode it once I was so impressed with how smooth and powerful it felt that I forgot the tune and never looked back. I'm sure it could be tuned to get a tad more power but Im not in need of anymore . It's a busa and its stupid fast as it sits..Point is ride it and see if its kosher ull know right away if u need a tune.

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