Dynojet Quickshifter HELP!! Busa Brothers!!


Hey All,

I recently installed the Dynojet Quickshifter on my 2011 Busa, incl. the expansion module (cutting off fuel, wired to the top injectors). It works, but it hesitates with each shift (after its in gear). It's enough to jerk the bike a bit and we all know that's no fun at high rpm in a fast turn.. I'm new to changing setting on Powercommander on a lap top, so I would really appreciate any help on the quickshift settings. Any recommendations? I'm leaving on a 1300 mile trip on Tuesday, HELP!!

Here's what I have on the bike if it can be useful;

Powercommander 5
Full R77 single race exhaust (no cat, incl headers)
Performance air filter
HealTech X-Tre Powerbox

Thanks in advance guys,

Is it just the millisecond cut out for the ign module? Keep decreasing the ign kill till it works how you like it...mine when riding a clutch less up shift is fast...and a bit of a back fire because the injectors keep pumping...my old cpu has the settings but it is very fast for an ign kill time....a pc3usb may not need the ign module for the quickshifter deal..