Dyno runs


Hey guys...I ran my bike on the dyno this weekend and it only pulled 150 hp. Granted it was hotter then heck, but some dude with a piped ZX-12R pulled 162. What have the rest of you been seeing on the Dyno?
should have mine on the dyno later this week. I will let you know what I get. I am adding a full system so it should be up there. Are you stock?

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
If stock it would be 149-152hp. Air wouyld get you to about 155hp. After that each mod etc. The zx-12 will pull more hp stock to stock.
I'm running a 2000 with Yosh RS3 race cans. I had my mapping adjusted but I'm not sure what exactly what it is that they did. On the first run they found that I was only making less than 120 HP. They thought it was the pipes and tuned it. That is when they found out that shop that had done the cam chain tensioner recall put the chain back on one tooth off. Once that was fixed they retuned it and now I am pulling 158 HP.
Not to be overly blunt, but how could you possibly not tell that the bike was running weak, if it was only doing 120 hp? That's a 20% drop in power.

I wrecked it last year and it needed new mufflers on it(and a lot more). I thought that it would be a great time to get the Yosh cans and let the insurance pay for them. Once the bike was all back together I had the shop dyno it to make sure it was running right. That is when they found out the it was only making 115 HP. The tried to fix it but couldn't find out what was wrong with it so they blamed it on the cans. I was told that I needed to get it dyno tuned but they couldn't do, so I had to goto another shop. Once that shop got it on their dyno and started adjusting and only got about 5 HP more bringing it up to 120 HP, they knew it wasn't the mufflers. They told me that they had seen others that had the chain off a tooth and that I had to bring it back to the shop that did the recall. So back I went. When I told shop #1 what shop #2 told me they weren't happy. They said that they would open it back up and check it out but if it was right I would have to pay 2 hr labor. But, if it was wrong they would fix it at no charge. So of course I waited right outside of the shop watching the mechanic work. I wasn't going to give them the chance to try to screw me. As soon as I heard one of them say it was wrong I ran in to the shop and said "O' Really". So they finally got it right after a few attemps. After that I went back to shop #2 and got it remapped again. That is where it is now with 158 HP.
O yea, that and the gas mileage was terrible. I was getting less then 100 miles out of a full tank. I would fill it up before work and get home that night with the get gas you idiot light on. I thought the gas problem was just because I was playing to much. Now I know better. I can make it back and forth from work on less then 1/2 a tank with just as much playing.
I just reread you post.  I missed the "not" part in how could you possibly NOT tell.  I made the jump from a 98 CBR 600 to the Busa.  That big of a jump I had no idea that all the power wasn't there.  The power jump from the 600 to Busa was incredible.  Who knew that there was suppose to be even more. I had less then 1500 miles on it before I wrecked and didn't ride it for over four months afterward. I had nothing to base the power on. For all I know the accident could have made the chain jump a tooth. But based on the fuel mileage thing I am guessing it was wrong from the day I bought it.
Had mine dynod stock at 155.9. Put an akro evolution pipe, kn filter and dyno tuned w/a yosh box and it came out 165.7. Dont know if its true, but it was done by a reputable tuner in my area. Seat of the pants dyno does say more power in the upper end of the revs tho.
I left out on important part. The recall was preformed before I could even take delivery of the bike once I bought it.
mine is bone stock. 500 miles on the clock. Now heres one thats real interesting!!! After the dyno run, its seems to be lacking power. I'm wondering if I could have slipped a tooth on the cam chain. Am I nuts????????? Any ideas how to tell???

the best way is tell the shop that it doesn't feel right.  Redyno it and compare the numbers.  My post above is with the cam chain one tooth off and then with it the way it should be.