Dropping the Front and Back ???


I'm finally gonna drop my baby down an inch or two and need some advice before i by one of reaper's slam kits. I've got heli-bars on it.... My question is how far can i drop the front end without interferring with the heli-bars, and what would be the effect of dropping the rear 1.5 inches and only dropping the front .75 inches.
2 days no response.. Man no one here has heli bars on a dropped bike...... hmmmm i may have to be the guinee pig on this one.
I'll be able to tell you in a few weeks once my parts get here, I've got Reaper's slam kit and Helibars on the way. Reaper rear links are out of stock and he doesn't know when the next run is, said 2 weeks but said his shop said 2 weeks 2 weeks ago. (Does that make sense?) I'll be going 1.5 down in rear, and 1.25 down in front, and then Helibars.