Lowering the busa


Alright i finally ordered the lowering links to to drop my baby down. But now i need some advice. Does anyone have a three inch drop on the back, and if so how much did you drop it in front? Also what would be the impact on dropping it down 1 1/2 in the back and 1in in the front. is there anykind of ratio to make sure that the bike still looks level when you drop it. And has anyone had to shave the sides of there windscreen in order to accommodate the rise of the handlebars when they dropped the front??

If your setting it up for drag I would go the full 3" in the rear and try to make the front even with the rear as much as possible. Make sure you stiffen the hell out of the forks so you dont bottom out. Are you going to use straps or an aftermarket upper tripple?
i to need to lower mine.. about 1-2 inches.. its not a drag bike its more for street and some canyon riding.. recommendations for that set up???
For the twisties I would say raise the rear about an inch and lower the front just a little. You want the shortest wheelbase possible. It will turn into corners alot easier. Make sure the rear height is adjustable cause if you go to the strip, you want it lowered. Again make sure the wheelbase is adjustable cause for the strip the longer the wheelbase the better you are from preventing your front wheel comming off the ground. Make sure you got some good tires on that sucker though. I recommend Avon Azaro 45/46.
I think i'm gonna drop it 1.5 in the back and maybe an inch in the front. That should be a fairly good compromise. I may hit the strip on occassion, but mosstly its a comfort thing. The corbin seat is a lot wider than stock and Iwant to make sure my feet are still firmly planted on the ground.

Not to mention the awesomely good looks of a "lowered busa"

Ok, so to make it clear ?

Is it safe to lower the busa for normal street riding ?

If so, what hardware - if any is involved ?

... and how much, how long does it take to do the drop ?
Mine is slammed and I ride it on the street.
I ain't normal tho.

You can order Reaper Risers in 3/4, or 1" to lower the front and dogbones for the rear.

1" in the front and 2" in the rear(center hole on dogbones) would work just fine.

Beware of lowering on the street tho.
When slammed, you gotta look out for bumps. The stock pipe can rub. I even hit one of my mid pipe bolts in a curve the other night.
EVERYTHING is lower.

The middle adjustment would be more street friendly.
hmm, I'm not sure I understand what all is involved.

Here's what I want to do:
Lower the seat so my short legs can touch the ground better (1.5" should do) but I also have been looking at the bar risers to get some additional height to take some strain off my back/wrists.

So the ? is, should I get the dog bones, drop the back 1.5" and just leave the front alone?  Or do I need to do something to the front to get it setup correctly?

I don't drag race really, more like quick starts off the line and *gentle* country road riding.

Thanks to anyone who can make this all make sense for me
the Reaper Risers allows you to lift the bars, and at the same time, you can lower the front.
The dogbones allow you to lower the rear.
I have a Buddy that has the front down almost 1" and is on the middle holes on the rear dogbones(2").
He rides like a wild man on the street without problems.

You could have the job completed in an hour and be riding.
Just wondering if I need to use the reaper risers and lower the front if I lower the back end some. Ultimately it sounds like I'll accomplish the same thing, but I'm sure I'm missing something here.

Do I have to lower the front&rear and then add the risers or can I just lower the rear end and leave the front alone. Thinking the net effect would be front is slightly higher and negating the need for risers that I was looking at anyway.

Thanks again
using the rear dogbones will get your feet touching the ground.
I suggested the risers because you wanted the bars closer to you.
You can do the rear first and see if there is still a need for the risers.

I dropped mine 3'' in the back and 2.25'' in the front. I found that Shnitz racing has a good upper clamp that allows the fork to slide up through the clamp. It also will not interfear with the fairing. I am 225 pounds and find myself bottoming out the springs on the exhaust and that is with thinking about every bump, driveway, and braking conditons. It looks tough-as-#### but does take a little more thinking when your out but this sucker launches like a dream!! I will be getting titanium pucks to mount under the front fairing to protect the paint and exhaust, let me know if you want one.
I'ld like to see a pic of your bike BOB.. as well as the titanium pucks... Thanks for the suggestions and advice
Got it dropped down yesterday, 1in in the front and 1.5-2 in the rear. Haven't had it on the road yet (still waiting on a sprocket cover). But it sits better with the drop and handlebar risers, and I feel more comfortable sitting on it and backing it up. Almost dropped it twice backing it down the trailer on my toes.