Drive chain pm


Bike is a 2002 with 6700 miles on it. I purchased the factory service manual which specifies periodic maintenance intervals of 600 miles. It specifically says to clean the chain with kerosine, and not to use any stronger solvent due to the deleterious effect upon the o-rings. After cleaning and drying the chain, I am supposed to lubricate it with "a heavyweight motor oil". It specifically warns not to use oil sold commercially as "drive chain oil", again to prevent damage to the o-rings. I have discussed this with both the Suzuki dealership service department, as well as several independent bike shops in the area (National City, CA) and they all agree: nobody does this. Accordingly, I purchased kerosine from Home Depot, and Golden Spectro chain lube (made for o-ring chain, according to the label on the can), and cleaned, dried, & sprayed accordingly every 600 miles. Now the o-rings are coming apart. I had my reservations about conflicting reports from the manufacturer versus the dealer, but now I really wonder. The dealership agrees that 6700 miles is too short, and says they will try to get a warranty replacement from Suzuki, but I still don't have a resolution that I can place any confidence in. After all, I did buy the manual and follow the instructions carefully. It should work, no?

Has anyone ever contacted Suzuki about this, and received a reply? Any experiences in this regard?

Thanks for your time & effort; I really appreciate it.