Which liqiud was used to sustain your chain


And also How to clean your chain?? I've been used Putoline O-ring

Which the oil was used properly for O-ring ??
Maxima Chain Wax here, after very ride....and I clean it when it gets grimy with Kerosene and a small plastic bristle brush.
KEROSENE to clean per the owner's manual. A lot of peeps here like DUPONT to lube the chain.
Used kerosene to clean my chain for the first time and it came out BEAUTIFUL. Another bennie is it cuts through all of the grime that ends up on the sprocket, wheel and other areas around the chain. Follow up with a wipe down of Formula 409 and everything comes out sparkling.

Something else I noticed is if you use a kerosene dampened rag on your exhaust shiny parts it restores the lustre and shine.

Third bennie is its waaaay cheaper than some of the commercial cleaners in a can.
Clean with Kerosene, and then lube with Dupont multi purpose chain wax.:thumbsup:
Clean with Kerosene (per the manual) and lube with Dupont chain lube from Lowes.