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Anyone here tried a drag strip yet with your daily rider?
I may give a it a spin this weekend. Was wondering what kinda of performance you might have turned, especially on a stock Busa? ( speed & times ) - Aloha

I will let you know after I get mine through the break in. That will be one of the first things I do. Hit the drag strip. By the way, what is the recommended break in for the busa?
Been racing with my Busa stock busas should run low 10 second passes with a little seat time. I just ran 9.95 on my 3rd pass on my 1500 cc busa...................Knebnr
I have read somewhere break in should a be a minimum of 500 miles and an oil change, not sure though. Oh and Kneber what speed should a stock busa be carrying at the top end of a 1/4 mile?
hawaii , expect 139-145 mph on an average pass depending on your gearing .

kneber , id like to know about your stroker motor . whos crank do you run and have you had any bearing problems ? alot of the 5mm strokers are puking bearings .
did you make good hp with it on the dyno ?
im taking my 1363 to the track tomorrow for its maiden voyage down the 1320...ill be very disappointed with anything slower than a 9.30 .
im considering a 5mm stroker but i want to wait and see if anyone finds out why so many are having problems . i guess with a 5mm in the 1363 ill end up with about 1485 . not bad for another 750.00 . but then ill want to upgrade cams to megacycles from the webs and get the head ported a bit more..maybe some carillos....itll turn into another 3 grand im sure . should have just bought the turbo....6k and ya get more hp then you can use .
Hawaii Busa a stock busa should be in the low 140mph range to high 130 range...........................

crazy bill I am running a 3mm over falicon stroker crank with carillo rods and 4mm over wisco pistons and the web cams I kept compression to about 12 to 1 and it dynoed at 207hp and 120lbs torque. I have had no problems at all and have about 5000 miles on the engine the piston and crank combo are good for 1497cc. I think the key to keeping the engine alive is not to get to crazy with the compression. That will beat up the pistons and the bottom end and could cause bearing problems. I would only go with a 5mm crank if you are planning on doing a lot of drag racing.................Knebnr
Made a first run today, really was a lota fun! Goofed up big time though. I didnt know nothing! like how to stage where to pay my $10 ... Off the line I was slow 2.5 at 60 ft.
then I miss shifted, then hit the rev limiter in 2nd and didnt know when I passed the end of the 1/4 - hahaha! kept going til I hit about 150 mph or so and figured I must have passed it by now. Not sure where my eys were, I think mostly on the track looking for any potential probs. Not a great run but not bad considering ... turned 11 flat @ 130 mph didnt get a 2nd run the track was busy and I had to go to work. Looking forward to next time!!! - see U in the winners circle... - Aloha
my brother went to the strip last night
he said he saw 3 busa's

quickest he saw was a 10.07. he didnt watch for mph's

i wish he woulda though lol
11 flat on a first run seems damn good to me!!

first time i took my nova to the track was w/ the strait six. ran 18.9
thats enough bout that though LOL
first time i took her w/ the 355 i built it ran a 17.4 first.
i was sooooooooooooooo disapointed

but by the time i left that day i ran 14.628 @96.74. all by just tuning the holley and timing. and i took my fan off. lol
i felt like i was at the top of the world for makin her run taht much better!

sure was fun
havn't been for a while

damn full time school and 40 hrs. a week job
i took mine to the track yesterday . my 60 ft. was 1.7 . i definatly need more gear . i yanked the 17/40 setup today for a 16/41 . hopefully that can get me closer to 1.4
i went 9.73@148 mph . im looking for 9.0's but considering last night was the first time the bikes moved under its own power (except dyno runs) thats not too bad . i had some clutch slippage problems but i got it straightened out . i pulled the clutch after my first pass and the steels had some hot spots . second pass it slipped alittle but not bad . 3rd pass it grabbed good enough for the 9.7 .
the bike dynoed 197 hp with the 1363 and its stretched 6 inches , so i know theres an 8 sec pass in it . i just need the seat time and debugging....
Damn fine time crazybill! I can see how that stuff can get addictive. For me, I just wanna make a couple more passes and say hey that was fun ... I'm still an open road kinda guy. Keep the faith - ride safe. - Aloha
WTG crazybill that is a great pass. The Busa has clutch issues when used hard at the drag strip it will fry plates. The best way to go is to get a lockup clutch for it. That will eliminate any more clutch slipping and save excessive wear on the plates. If you haven't done this already replace the 2 piece back torque limiter with a billet one or weld the one you have that will improve clutch feel on launch.APE makes a replacement billet piece for about 199 bucks but it really makes a difference......................................Knebnr
wow , im slacking....been away .

i already have the BDE clutch mod and the BDE clutch cushion . all of my fibers look great . the steels had some blue spots and most were flat w/in .0015" except one that was warped bad (.012") . im skipping the track this weekend due to weather but next weekend i expect at LEAST a 9.3 .
my buddy is running 8.8 with the same size motor and same clutch as me , i just need alot more seat time on the new bike .
hawaii , ill get you a link to more pics if you like . i captured the entire build from the bare frame/scattered motor/polishing mess....on jpg
Yeah C Bill more pics plz. Those arn't your stock rims are they? Looks good. And I've noticed to start shaving seconds once a person hits around 10 each each 1/2 sec drop = $$$$$$$ but as I mentioned this stuff is addictive. go fast man!

How does you busa handle stretched. Did it slow down the way the bike handles in the corners. I canyon ride a lot so I didn't want to change the way the bike corners by adding an extended swingarm. I have run 9.95 without making any changes to the bikes ride height or suspension. If I lower the back and strap the front I'm sure the bike will run at least 9.60 without the use of an extended swingarm. I have a Kawasaki super comp dragbike(8.90 index)and i'm not sure I want to lean that hard on the Busa to make it run faster.....Knebnr