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My baby needs paint . ok . no prob. BUT...everytime I remove/install my "hump" it drags across the paint on the tail section . Anyone have this ? Anyone fix it by shaving down the edge of the hump? Raising the hump by way of the washers and rubbers ? Does it now make a noise ?

Areodynamics can be a weird thing .

I dont want to "CHOP" ... then have a "Flop"....

if , ya know what I mean .
dont have that problem here, sorry. on/off no probs. last time, the hump fell off the gas tank, ROLLED across the street, no scraches, no nothing. Love this bike!
believe it or not!...........

I was puttin a new stinger with 2" ball in the storage area.... crushed a couple fingers.... to take home so'z I could use it on the new boat.............. dunno why I put the hump on the tank instead of the ground. No matter, was okay.
Hey Rub-Her-Side,
Are you talking about the edge immediatly behind the pilot seat? So when you angle your hump down in to catch the front it sort of rubs along that edge and leaves little scratches?
Just a thought but if it is in that area just get a small piece of 3M window tint, or hell just about any sticker and cut it to fit that lower area and that might help without having to cut or trim.
That "glassmask" stuff for the tank bras would certainly work but then you are going to pay the "Cool Biker Product" price. Shoot Duct tape would do it in a pinch...