Does the front wheel matter?


I recently purchased chrome rims for my 2000 Busa. I am doing the swap out myself as for as replacing bearings and seals. I went to a local Harley Shop where they installed my new tires on the rims. I figured out which way the rear rim had to be because of the rotor side and spricket side. I noticed on my factory rims there is a arrow showing which way the wheel is to roll.  What i have is that since they were chromed the arrows or no longer there. I have installed the bearings in the front wheel after noticeing the front factory rim had differences in the inner part where the bearings went in.  What im wondering is will it make a difference what way the front rim is installed since they have rotors on both sides?
YES.... They are directional and if memory serves correct will only install one way! If you put them on wrong I believe the hub off set will cause the rotars to collide with the calipers. I'd have to take a look at mine but I believe which ever spoke is closest to the air stem valve should be behind the stem after its mounted to the bike...
I dont know what tire you have but my PP2cts are directional,front and back,so they need to go the right way also.also they need to be balanced with the rotors on just incase you did did take it to a Hardly dealer afterall...that was the first mistake
I'm not 100% sure if it's required for the front wheel, however, I always mark it and reinstall the same way it came off. My reasoning is that the rotors are already matched to the brake pads and shouldn't be changed around.

The other posts here make sense, though.

had the same problem when I put my wheels back on but luckily still had a view of the arrow stamped on the rim that could just barely be seen.
Yes grinded smooth cant see any markings. But i think i got my answer thanks a great bunch. Looks like its gunna be determined on the valve stem after all. Thanks for the help fellows Ill be throwing them back on after i get another hub because i cracked the first one putting in the bearings without heating!!!!