ok Wheels question... galfer rotors.... supersprox sprocket


Hey guys,

i just installed all my stuff last week and went for long ride and noticed back tire was showing wire, so i took off rear tire to get it ready for new tire but i noticed that my chrome rims are pealing bad! i have two spots on the rear rim that are as big as a quarter so its time for new rims. I just purchased (within last month) galfer rotors for front and back along with a new +3 rear sprocket from supersprox so i want rims that will allow these new add ons to be bolted to them as well. I am looking at maybe forged rims, thinking either the blue or the polished. I looked and seen where some of the top brands require new sprocket and even some wheels are calling for special rotors. Even though i want to ride real bad this week i would am thinking of buying the wheels and getting them here so i can ride next weekend with new wheels. Any and all advice is welcome as always!!!!

So yer asking if yer galfer rotors and yer supersprox will fit aftermarket wheels? I guess we wont know until you choose a brand of wheels.???

i want forged wheels so what do you prefer and what will use my stuff?? Carrozzeria? Marchesini? I want something that i could order tomorrow that someone has in stock!
James, the answer depends on the brand. Best to log onto each of those brands' website and find out. If it doesn't say, ask.

A lot of them will used a really common sprocket, like off the R1 or a GSXR1000.

Rims can vary too, some will use the stock from that bike, the extreme would be they use their own proprietary brake rotor and you can only purchase that brand. Do you homework first & call the manufactures if you can't readily find the answer.

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Carrozzeria uses the stock rotors but a Kawasaki sprocket pattern.


Carrozzeria's gold is always a nice color.


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