Does somebody want a set of frame sliders?


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My Gen II came with cut-type frame sliders. They are black. They have some scratches,but they cannot be seen once installed.

They look like this.....


No they dont look like that...:laugh:

They look more like this...

One has a longer base,so they both stick out an equal amount.

The fairings are a different distance away from the motor.


sliders 2.jpg
How much Rubb?, they might fit on my Superbyke (gen I but no fairing issues). Doyle
RSD, thank you so much for just handing over a beautiful set of sliders! Shiney black, perfect for the Superbyke....virtually the last items needed to mount onto this motorcycle. If the bike ever goes to a magazine you can say "those are my sliders there". Seriously, I'm so grateful. Doyle
damn, i could have used them just layed her down two days ago. now trying to figure out how much it would coast to get 2012 LE plastics on my own or if i should make a claim.