Does anybody have a use for this?


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I have been sitting on the idea of building a module that would provide a clean 5v (volts) for a sensor. This would be helpful on Gen 1 bikes that could use a 3bar sensor and a PCV to tune the boost. Could be used for probably other systems too. Not really needed on a Gen2 unless you wanted to do the whole thing with just the PCV and not use or modify the ECU.
The idea is to supply 5 volt power to a sensor without having to steal power from something else. In the early days, they used the TPS sensor input to drive the boost fuel. I use a combination Wideband sensor and a Daytona Sensors NC1 to log my O2.
So is that the current best place to grab 5v reference- the TPS?

I'm about to hookup my 3 bar MAP and was just searching for the correct reference signal.
I would not steal power from the IAP or TPS as they are both critical for basic fuel/ignition table operation. Were you planning on using a PC for boost fuel reference or something else?