Do any of the the Glowshift boost gauges have memory ?


My Cyberdyne quit working. It had a button to recall the highest psi boost reached. I can't tell from advertising if any of the GlowShift Boost or Vacuum/Boost gauges have that recall memory. My Cyberdyne had both vacuum & boost psi but I never understood the value of knowing vacuum? A/F & all other pressure gauges I understand the value but what good is knowing just Vacuum on the Busa?
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You reminded me...while on the site I ordered a new sending unit for one of mine

One good thing about the Glowshift gauges is they come with a power out wire to go to the next gauge so you don't have to take each one to the main wire or fuse box or where ever you run the hot a ground wires to normally (at least the ones I've used)

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