'Depression may be tied to head injuries'


Hayabusa Immortal
This was in the Dallas paper today. I myself have suffered two concussions, one back in August on the bike and one back in 1998 on a jet ski (followed immediately by drowning despite the life gear...... and of course, that time I drowned when I was 3
). I don't consider myself depressed other than the usual crap I go through everyday, in fact I think I'm quite happy despite many things, so take this one with a huge grain of salt. ;)

Chicago - Concussions and other head injuries in early adulthood may significantly raise the risk of depression decades later, a study of World War II veterans found.
The study has implications for football and hockey players, motorcyclist, and others who have taken blows to the head.
Other research has shown that head trauma patients may be prone to depression shortly after suffering their injuries. But the new findings suggest that the risk persists even 50 years later.
The study involved 1,718 veterans hospitalized for various ailments during the war and questioned 50 years later. About 11 percent who had had head injuries said they currently had major depression, compared with 8.5 percent of those hospitalized during the war for other reasons.
Overall, the lifetime prevalence of major depression was 18.5 percent in the head-injury group and 13.4 percent among the other veterans, Drs. Tracey Holsinger and Brenda Plassman of Duke University and colleagues reported in January's Archives of General Psychiatry.
The researchers found similar depression rates in veterans who had received their head injuries in combat and in those whose injuries occurred elsewhere. Thus it is unlikely that post-traumatic stress syndrome, which can include symptoms of depression, would explain the findings.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
OK, I can shed a little light in view of the last post above. I do not own a busa and am Depressed by the fact, or maybe its not just cuz of the Busa, just the fact I have a katana and am not happy with it....Hmm, sounds like I need to buy me a new bike to confirm or deny this theory..
Buy the BUSA Cyclecop if you are what your handle is you will have alot of fun .A Katana could be depressing.
Dont you find that most of these articles state the bloody obvious.

If you suffer head injuries life is never quite the same again. If the doctor said i couldnt ride the busa anymore that would make me bloody depressed!!!

Pinna :hammerhead:
Just be careful as the article says - Concussions and other head injuries in early adulthood may significantly raise the risk of depression DECADES LATER, a study of World War II veterans found.