Debating "should I turn pro or not"


Been an amateur up until now age 46. She would like to get married. My friends keep saying when are you gonna turn pro and marry that girl. She is good for me. Dependable, can count on her when needed, confindent. In fact if you believe in reincarnation I bet she would return as a radial tire. Plus she rides and enjoys it more than me. She rides to work in the rain. Afraid of taking the next step. Dont't wanna be wrong and make a mistake.

Question, How did you guys meet your spouse?



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Don't turn pro without some good sponsors.
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Marriage is scary stuff....Good luck to you both either way.
Yes indeed! Not all end in the disaster and monetary nightmare mine ended in. But today's age.....the statistics keep going south.

The truth & you only know the answer to whether it's the right thing to do.
Maybe you could go through the rest of your lives without the piece of paper. And have your relationship be just as meaningful.

Or maybe not.....

Good luck either way Brad! :beerchug:


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If you have been dating a long time and she hasn't pushed the issue then maybe she is happy with the way things are. The TWO of you need to talk and decide. It takes two to make a marriage/relationship work. Good luck!!!

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If she is your best friend and y'all don't have any major qualms about each other.. take the dive!! (But save the money of a big wedding and just go to the carribbean or something)

I met my best friend ON THE INTERNET (Thanks Love@AOL) almost 10 years ago... we've been married for 5 now....


if you have to ask.....then your not ready

too many people look at getting married as the next step in a long time relationship....when it is much more than just a destination you arrive at after X amount of years in a relationship....

you might wake up tommorrow and all your doubt will be gone.....but until then you are just not ready.....

just my 2 pennies....good luck.


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If you go pro, good luck~!~

Just keep in mind, she might not always like the faster lap times :laugh:


We met online.....She rides her own bike.....It was her Idea to buy the Busa even though I have taken it over. :laugh: LOL! If it wasn't for her....I might not have ever ridden again!
You need to first not have any question about it. Then the next step is that you both feel 100% the same. Then you can answer if you want to take the risk. Realize like riding (especially if you ride a Busa), the possibilities of fun and excitement are endless but there is always some type of risk or else there would be no value in it. So like choosing to ride, you know the risk is there and you make your choice and you just know that the choice and value of the choice is worth the risk you take.
Thats the way I see it! Thanks to my Sweet Lisa for being my "Badbone"....although some times are tough, the thrills still keep coming and there is never a dull moment!


For me its been on of the best decision I have ever made... (dont bring this thread up in a few years if that changes!!!):laugh: We have known each other since we were like 4 or but never dated in HS but reconnected a few years after school and I honestly cannot see my life with out her. If you feel that way and know she is your best friend then go for it!


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I was 40 before I got married so I understand your qualms about it; you've been a bachelor a long time and the thought of marriage is pretty spooky. However, if you love her and want her to take your name and be with you til the end, then you should do the right thing and marry her. Talk to her about your fears; if you can work thru it then it will strengthen your relationship. Good luck!

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