Dead weight


In working on some mods Ihave discovered what I am sure many of you already have. There a number of ways to get rid of dead weight on a Busa.

Not the least of which is the stock exhaust. Good lord it is heavy. You can't belive it until you unbolt one for yourself. Any aftermarket exhaust could save you 15-25 lbs. That is a real difference folks. Especially if you go to one can.

Then there is the PAIR assembly. Not that heavy, maybe 2 lbs (maybe more if you have an '03 like mine which has steel exhaust port lines not rubber and weighs more). Pure dead weight.

Next for me was the footpeg weights. Those things are quite heavy for their size. Not a large amount to save, maybe 1.5 lbs but you don't need 'em. After you break the screws loose (friggin' loc tite) ditch the weights and replace the cheesy phillips screws with shorter cap screws and ride knowing that you will not feel any difference at all. Trust me, dead weight.

Next I am considdering the bar end weights. I want to go with nylon slider type ends. That will surely save a lb or so.

Any other ideas?
Go On a Diet???

And Ride Naked!!!  

Your results may vary...I mean really vary!!!

Sorry, Sounds to me like you pretty much have gotten rid of the easy weight cuts.

Um, you could try Racing Body work, Carbon front fender, Heck Carbon Handle bars, Aluminum Sidestand, Remove center stand if so equiped. Then I think maybe Ti Bolt Kit. But then wheels would be a good one, but damned expensive $1700-$2K. After market brakes and calipers. Oh and Remove your toolkit! Unless your McGuyver!
Yeah I got the easy ones just looking for more. Carbon front fender is coming but more for looks than weight loss. Ti bolts is a maybe on my list, wheels are way too much money, brakes maybe. In general carbon bodywork just doesn't make sense to me for what little you save weight-wise. Carbon is quite costly.

But good idea on the aluminum side stand. I need to add that to my list. And the tool kit, great idea. I have never once needed the tool kit unless I was at home and then I use my "real" shop tools for the most part. Why carry it. Not trying to tempt fate just agreeing realistically you don't need to carry it.
I ride a lot 2-up so the aluminum sub frame is not a good idea for me. Suzuki swapped it with steel for a reason, impending failure. But yes that is a way to loose some weight if you do not ride 2-up or rarely do.
sheared off 128 lbs by
removing my passenger
speed, handling, overall feel improved greatly!
HEY! I just got this email from a friend of mine not 2 seconds ago: [he's not refering to a Busa]

Here's something interesting, well not really, but worth noting since we are
all weight crazy with sport bikes.

Alot of people won't spend the money to use Titanium bolts but will in other
places. So just for fun I did a little comparison.

Replaced the following bolts with all titanium. Front Rotors (10), Rear
rotor (4), Fork pinch (2), upper top Yoke (2), lower clamp (4), Rearsets
(4), Subframe (4), Rear master cylinder (2), Steering damper (4), Hand
Controls (3), Clip-ons (8).

Total weight savings? Over 5lbs!! From an unaccurate kitchen scale, but
about a 40% less in weight over OEM bolts.
Ti bolts are priceeeeey. I know a Pro Stock racer (Bill Hannon) who wanted to shave 10 - 15 pounds off his total race ready bike weight for slightly better ET's. He decided to diet the weight off his bod but just didn't have the will power. So, he went for Ti hardware including axles, spacers, nuts, bolts, etc. He removed 14 pounds and it cost him about $2K. :eek: