day and night photoz

Herez the rest of them, just right click and open!!
Bike is all that and a bag of Doritos man. Good job. Where you been hidin' at anyway?
Haven't seen any of your posts in a while.

Just be out getting my roll on>>>>u know what I'm say'n.  Why and da hell are u up so early PLaya?
That is tight man. How bout a close up of those hand grips? What are they?

Also, did you put '02 or '03 mid-pipes on to get the chrome look? I am going to do that, but want to make sure they will fit.

Did you get my e-mail response yesterday?
okay, email me the secret to the turn signal and taillight lenses! that would look sweet on mah bike!
This is the sweetest lookin' busa around . clean lines . not OVER done . not a "trailer court" busa . not a "projects" busa .
just one done well . not a .."I'll chrome everything including the valve caps and the seats" . Not a ..."I'll put a six speaker stereo system in the hump , an' I'll use the chrome dubl bubl as a screen for the fuel tank which has been converted into a DVD player".
The paint....with the falcon's beak's what it's all about.
CHOICE RIDE....WAY COOL....good job .
Hey Playaz I'm feeln the luv you guyz are given and I really appreciate it . I have no secretz so herez da scoop on the turn signalz thier basically peforated chrome vinyl I purchased from, and the grips are a custom job I had made to my specs and yes the chain guard mod is another one of my bad creation I invented when I got bored doing the custom indiglo gauges I make in the winter . I only do orders in the winter when I'm not riding (sorry guys but riding comes first). I aint trying to be a slave to a trade. I enjoy doing what I do and plan on keeping it that way (no outside psi).

Hey Greg give me a call and I help you out with that install we talked about >>>>>awight, I'll try to find my instruction I had done for my kit I sell as well.
The mid pipe is the original that has been JET-COATED by which brings the header temp way down which helps the bike run alot cooler.