Cyclewerks, the dysfunction continues


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This gets a WOW...

Little background info

I got a call from my Son today...he bought several bikes from cyclewerks his latest and current being an '85 interceptor.


Nice bike but it's been shutting down on him 15-20 minutes into a ride. Seems
like it gets hot and boom. Rode during the winter and it wasn't an issue...

His V-4 forum suggested it might be the pulse generator or maybe the black
box under the seat.

Based on the above post, I don't deal with Cyclewerks but my Son being 22 is
his own man and makes his own decisions. Cyclewerks works on older bikes, so
he took he dropped his bike off 3 days ago and asked for an estimate.

He gets a call today, they "think" they fixed it. For $224 they replace the fuel
filter and a single vacuum line. They said it was 3 hours labor finding what
they believe to be the problem. So o.k.....

This gets the WOW...So my Son goes to get his bike and asks about the fact
he asked for an estimate and the owner Al comes out of the back and tries to
jump his sh...
My Son says "look, don't worry about it...I'll pay for it." And yet the mouth continues...
Again he says..."Thank you for working on my bike, I'M PAYING FOR IT AS WE SPEAK". and yet the mouth continues..
All the way to the parking lot...WTF???

Based on my previous posts, seems like par for the course.

The two issues I have is...where the hell does someone get off ragging on a
paying customer. As I said, they think your lucky they are or will work on your
bike. Cyclewerks stellar customer service has won another one...
(nothing like making it right...what does this tell you about his "appologies" :rofl:)
part 2 of the above post

and the 2nd issue....I doubt very seriously that a fuel filter and vacuum line
solves a heating shutdown issue...but I hope I'm wrong.

BTW - We've been to their shop togather a few times before, they know quite
well he's my Son and even mentioned the disgruntled posts. Actions speak louder than words....
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well that sucks and If I remember right no shop can charge you for any labor until they have a signed repair order. So if all he signed was for a diagnosis and they never followed up to let him know what the repair would be and the cost their s**t outta luck but your son being young probably wouldn't know that and he sounds like a very respectful person. it's ashame that it went down like that.
he filled out a repair order and specifically checked the
"request estimate" box and stated such.

His work just cut his (and everyone else pay) by 20%. It's not like he
has a lot of disposable income, he has to watch every penny.

Even that is not the main a bunch of crap to your paying
customer is...

Be fun bike if it was reliable...a bike that shuts off at any given time
is a paperwieght.

These people really have an...unusual mindset.
Yeah like I said that sucks and getting your pay cut is even worse it's getting rough out there now. And you would think that people there woudl appreciate the fact that he is giving them the business instead of giving him the business. I don't know if my reaction would have been as "nice". Sorry to hear it man.
Cyclewerks is a crap shop from what I've read on here. I suggest no one from give him ANY business.
Like most young people, we like to do stuff the hardway untill we learn our leason. My guess is this will be your sons last time dealing with these shoddy folks at cyclewerks. And I hope he has good luck with the bike. Looks pretty good for that era.