Courtesy of Ktown and Da Rubb.


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I have a wall full of Gen II plastics. They are Chinese,but they are new/never installed. If you need a peice I may have it. The cost will be shipping and a small donation to "Rubb's Shipping Fund." ( I keep some paypal funds on hand to help out the members here)

Hopefully nobody ever NEEDS these due to a drop,but if funds are not falling out of your pocket maybe we can help.
(thanks Ktown)

Rubb also has:

mint stock levers (Gen I or II)

a left side OEM lower in black with a hole drilled for frame slider condition 9/10 (Gen II)

nice set of aftermarket black passenger pegs,new (Gen II)

Also some Gen I stuff:

front brake lines (stock)

rear signals (stock)

2 airboxes (small box mod done)

set of new fork seals

a bar end

undertail that is on my bike now (switching to a different style in the next day or two) I'll need 50.oo or so for that.

Power Commander III USB (I paid 250.oo:banghead: I'll need a bit of dough for that)

More as I uncover it.

Have a pic of undertail currently installed, might be interested

Here ya go wolfman...


Everything works. You would have to get some LED lens for the brake/tail unless you could live with clear lens red incandesant bulbs. I have a set of those to go with it...look exactly the same,just not LED.

very nice of you rubb..

Extra parts sitting on the shelf are a waste if you ask me. Let somebody use them right.:thumbsup:

I spent an hour or so buffing the scratches out of a Gen II windscreen (stock) which I will add to the list. It is now mint and priced right at.... free.

how bright are the undertail brake lights & normal lights?

Tough one to answer. Ummm brighter than a Walmart lamp...not as bright as the sun. Somewhere in the middle.:laugh:

I had to snag one turn signal from one to complete another. The paint underneath is fine,but a guy would have to get some LED's to make this tail sweet.The one thing about it is fitment.Of all the tails I have had,this one fits the best. The push pin hole line up perfect and the material is not too thick.

Better pics up later today. Wolfman would get first right of refusal. Because the tail is not mint and in GTG condition,I have priced it accordingly.


I'm interested in the black passenger pegs. How much do you want for them? Also could you post pics please? Tentative dibs...
undertail gone
1 set of levers gone (might have another set)

pics for you mestona later today.
20 bucks + shipping...say 30 bucks total,even if shipping is more. I'll eat it.

That 3-d tank protector is shaped like a spine/spine guard...its going on my next busa.:thumbsup: