Before I hit FleaBay


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Before I have to drop some coin on FleaBay or the dealership I thought I would ask the Brothers.

Gen II stuff needed.

A stock seat...condition unimportant,will be customized. Will pass along my stock seat to somebody when I get the custom back.

Grab bar. Some guys dont use them.prefere silver(grey) but unimportant really.

A hump. Have a mod in mind.

Mine is missing the frankenstien bolts.No fuggin' idea how original owner lost those.:dunno::cookoo: need 2.

Smoked rear sig lens.

More as I think of it.

I will have more freebies to ship off soon. :thumbsup:

I have Frankenstein bolts, a blue grab bar, and a front seat that has had the cover taken off but is all still there
I have the bolts, front seat with busted tabs. You probably don't want that and a black grab bar if you can handle the power :laugh: