Couple of misc. nitrous questions


Looking at a dyno tune dry kit. Just fogging the air box with a 30-40 shot. Going with a 2.5 bottle. My question is do I need a bottle warmer, pressure gauge, purge kit? Going to tune through Ecu editor progressive shot. Would I need to upgrade fuel pump with a 255 in-tank? Bike is a 08 hayabusa just Bolton parts will have a evil arm on it when sprayed.

Quicker Gixxer

A warmer is recommended for best results...and for safety purposes obviously. Using a warmer and a gauge will allow you to always run on the same consistent pressure. Mine keeps the bottle at 950psi...

As for purge... everyone has an opinion. It's a good idea for the consistency factor.... If it's really hot out (or you over heat it) and your bottle pressure is too can purge it down easily. Too much pressure puts extra nitrous to the motor...and you can end up lean since you aren't tuned for it.

For 30-40 hp....don't worry about the fuel pump...stock will handle that.


The heater is good for consistant pressures, and the purge is 2 fold, it can cool the bottle if you release some, but it also ensures the N2O is at the solenoid ready to go when you hit the "go baby go" button. If its not you just get a blast of air and run rich for a moment. plus the show of the purge is a nice touch.


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