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Alright, background first.  I want to go turbo but need to save the funds.  To solve my lust for speed I am curious about a nitrous setup, just looking for 40 extra hp.  I want to spend about a $1000 for the kit.  I have been reading the posts here but have a couple of questions I didn't see in other posts.

1. What route/kit would you go for motor reliability in the bike?  I also want a purge kit (for show, I know but I like the allure of it).  I have seen the kit that doesn't need a purge but would it still be compatible with it?

2. Which is better, switch activated or throttle activated?  I really don't want to buy a progressive controller but if I go throttle activated I will.

3. I will get a quality custom tune, but does the bike constantly run rich until you hit the nitrous or does the PCIII or a sensor automatically add fuel?

4. Does a small shot of nitrous cause accelerated wear of the sprockets and chain?

Thanks for all the input.


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You need to talk to Goldenchild . He did my set-up and it rocks! I got a 40 shot dry , I use my start button for activation and I have a duel purge out the front rams. As far as sprocket and chain wear I don't think that it would change anything because you only use it when you are racing ( or having fun) and its only for a few seconds.


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1) all dry kits are basicly the same,a bottle,solinoid and a nozzle or 2,plastic or braided lines

a purge can be installed on any kit

i have a simple dynotune kit on my other bike (03 zx 12) and it works fine

2) i would suggest a button,simple and safe

3)you will have the rich map all the time,but...
if you set your activation point pretty high 8 k plus,there will be very little change in the way the bike runs on the street

4) yes,you will need clutch springs,slave support,quality chain


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$1000 is crazy for a dry system even installed with a custom map you should only run around $600 or so. Save the extra money for the turbo later. You can get the kit for under $300, install it yourself and then get the bike mapped for around another $200 or so. It is a blast, have fun with it and worry about the turbo later. I will say that you need to buy the heavy duty clutch springs and you will need a new clutch cover gasket for the install.

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