Hi all,

I have a Busa mod. 2002 and the consumption is high : 13-14L/100 kms. Is it a normal or high consumption in mixed usage (town and other)?

Thanks for your

I only have 3300 KMS !
What kind of tune is possible to do on the FI? I've seen on the web site some things to do but it not seems to be thorough?

If you have any information about? I will be pleased to have it!


P.S.: I've give a call to my reselers wich want to take my bike to tune it, but I want to know how the tune will be perform and if I can do it himself.
You could say i'm not ride a bus..but @ 75 indicated mph...i put in less than two gallons to travel 123 ind.miles..knowing the gauges are not very accurate..but still 55 mpg's is cool..mods include homemade "tre" small airbox cutout, and drilled out stock pipes. very small throttle opening needed @ 75..amazing..
Hey guys, speaking of gas mileage, I was wanting to know on average how much is the gas guage off on the Hayabusa? Just wondering...Ijust purchased a 2002 and I am wondering what I should expect when watching it.
Thanks in advance for any help.
I got the same blues..
My Busa is 1300 ks old and did 280k`s and got to where the fuel light on gauge was flashing for about 20ks
I was doing a faily consistant 110 to 120 KpH
Very full tank
Also noticed my trip meters not changing from agressive riding to mild
eg lt/100k...k`s /lt
Still good gas mileage for a performance bike. Remember you are riding one of the most powerful and large Sport bikes
Hmmmmmmmmmm performance or gas mpg?
:3:Well I gave up a 1992 lowrider (H.D.) to get my 1999 gold busa, I went from 62mpg with a 2 lunger, to a kick ass flyin low Not riding fast super ass Busa, and get 46mph, although I just change my front sprocket from the stock 17 to a 16 tooth I'm still getting around 35.8 mpg, and getting to a hell of alot fast then before!! :argue: :hammerhead:
33 MPG on average....mostly hard town riding....seems about right with the kind of riding I do...espcially when im so up and down on the throttle all the time.
Big motor=drinks lots of gas!
100km/13-14 L = 47-43.5 miles/gal.

For the Hayabusa, that is very good milage (average for highway use). If you want something high, like 90+ miles/gal., get a scooter.
13-14 is shocking, my mate gets that with his WRX, i get 7-8 l/100km which translates to around 29-33 mpg city riding. It would probobly go down to 5-6 l/100km. Are you sure you haven't just hammered the bike and then taken the figure it's given you straight away. You will need to ride for a while normally to get a good average result.

When I ride mine to work I get about 46mpg. That's at around 80 mph and riding for 53 miles one way.
i was wondering how far does 1 ltr of petrol get you for normal riding, say on the motorway or in urban settings.

Normal being that you are not caning the bike or stuck in a "stop start" traffic jam.