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Lets get an idea of how many of you out there have a domain name and need a place to host your email? How many of you would want the ability to check your email from any internet connection? (webmail) Is there anyone who would like to have 5, 10, 100 webmail accounts that you can administer, add change or modify without having to call someone else?

If you dont have your own domain name how about what would that be worth to you? 10 meg email box with webmail? Let me know

Let me know if you need a place to host your mail, is fixing to go to thenext level.

Is there anyone out there that would want to have a place to store their files, a copy of your data at a remote location just an FTP away. Let me know because we have that too.

How about subdomains, would you like to have a website where you could post your family pics or other information? How would you like to have the URL of

I am open to any ideas you might have and there is no set prices right now. email me, PM me or post your thoughts.

Damn Cap/////////you da man///////////crank it up playa.
Cap, that sounds awesome!

I have been wanting to get a site to host pics for my family back in the USA to see. The webmail sounds cool too.

Sign me up for my email address and being the avid ebay shopper that I am (just received my $5 neck gaitor in the mail) I can pay via paypal.
<span style='color:blue'>Captain,</span>

That sounds like a good idea. I could use some storage space for pics and files to link to in posts. With the current limit of 18 files in my upload center, I have to delete files from current posts in order to post new ones.

The e-mail sounds ultra :cool:.

Like Rev said...KICKA$$