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Who out there in Hayabusa land are using Hayabusa.org webmail... I know that many of you have the POP3 email but are any of you using the webmail? I need some testing done and I need volunteers. The webmail is in process and works well for me but I need user input... Let me know if you are interested.
just sent myself a test mail from another account and I got it almost instantly....I'll still do my part to help though..I'll be home tomorrow night the 5th and sign on to ICQ...you can do some testing then....


I would be willing to help out and open an account and test it. My ICQ is 113186627 just let me know what you want me to do. How do I get one of those accounts?



I use my hayabusa org email often, it work's fine.
Webmail ??????
what is it ???
I will help if I can !!!!!!


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Hey Andy try this !!

When the prompt comes up put in the username and password that you use for your POP3 account..

Be gentle it's under construction. I just need some feedback.



Tried the link, it work's fine, but I still don't understand what it's for <<<<< :hammerhead:

I am assuming it's like a web based email thing (like Hotmail, exept it's hayabusa mail ) ???
Thing is, if you have a "hayabusa.org"email addy (like I have and use)then surely you won't need webmail !!or am I just thick ???
(answers please on a postcard, the first 3 correct answers get a pork pie


OH bugger !!!
Just recieved this message back on my pop 3 account.

The original message was received at Tue, 12 Feb 2002 19:51:11 -0600 from andy@hayabusa.org

---- The following addresses had delivery problems ----
<captain@> (UNKNOWN DOMAIN)

Message could not be delivered
Message will be deleted from queue


Dis in my way!
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webmail is just like hotmail. The webmail and pop3 use the same information. That way you can use outlook or netscape or whatever and when you are on the road you can use the webmail and see the same messages. Some people check their email at places other than their home.. Webmail is cool because you can look at from any computer on the Internet

AOL refuses messages so sometimes you get a bounceback or rejected email.. If the other person you are sending the email to is having issues then you will get a bounceback too.. Welcome to the Internet it's 80% effective.
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