Code 41 Fuel Pump Not Running


Hello All, After not riding for 5 years (Back Problems) I am attempting to get my 2000 Busa back on the road. The FI light lit. Code 41. The Fuel Pump is not running. On further testing the Fuel Pump is a dead short, so bad fuel pump. In my searching I have found many recommendations saying go with a aftermarket Fuel Pump and Regulator (The bike is Stock Motor), but not where to get them. So does anyone know of a supplier?

Thanks for the help.
:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup: Hit up our sponsors like Justin at Honda East. I'm hearing he has the best price on parts. Do a search here on fuel pumps and see what options you have. Not sure about the 2000 but at some point the pump went from external to internal and that's a mod that I've seen done. Good luck. An expert should be along soon, they stalk me :laugh:
Been through a lot on my bike with the pump. Just search my id with threads I've started.

I'm pretty sure my stocker works, but I replaced it after wiring trouble anyway, because I was running nitrous and maybe a turbo in the future. If you want it, I'll do it for shipping + about $15, so around $35-$40ish shipped. Let me know.

If you want aftermarket, just look on ebay first, then google. I have a walbro 255lph and one of the areomotive FPRs, just look up my old threads and it'll have model number.
Lucid, Thanks for the offer, if it was December and I had much time to play I'd take that pump off your hands. Since I'm paying someone to do the work (Since I lost the central vision in one eye I find swinging a wrench difficult) I'm bighting the bullet and purchasing a new factory pump. I'm also having the Injectors sent to RC Injectors for a thorough cleaning and such. I'm looking forward to riding her again.:beerchug: