Fuel pump not cycling....


I have a Gen 1 (2006) I have been going through some electrical issues (grounding problems) that I believe I have resolved.
When I turn the key gauges sweep but I don't hear the fuel pump cycle.....

1. No F1 codes
2. Fuel relay is good. (checked ohms from relay all the way to pump)
3. Tip-over sensor has been modded and the bike turns over ...

I seen a youtube on testing a GSX1000 using a volt test. Using the ground and one of the TWO wires going to the pump. Busa's have 4 wires... ( Ground, gas level, power, ??) - is what I am assuming

Anyone know how to test if the fuel pump is functioning with a volt meter?

If anyone has done this before and you know what wire to run the hot wire to , let em know
If this is anything like the youtbue on the GSXr 1000 kit should be the yellow/red stripe wire but the
Busa shop manual does not go into the detail of the fuel pump wiring..... ugh