Clutch noise at idle


I'v had my '03 Busa for right about a week now and maybe I'm just a little paranoid, but when I first start up the bike, there is a little bit of a rough sound to it. I've noticed that about half of the sound goes away when I pull on the clutch lever to shift the bike into gear and take off. I'm assuming there should be a little noise during idle, but is noise that appears to be coming from the clutch normal? Also are there any cheap and easy mods for improving the stock clutch?
Not sure if I call it normal or not, but it is pretty common amongst Busa owners.
Yes and no; the best piece of advice I can give is Practice til its a science........ To set it up proper is somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-500.00 depending on who and what you use. Check out the post located in the racing section for straight liners (1/4 mile)......
Pay attention the the noise,
If it get louder, check the bolts that hold the pressure plate on. They have been known to come loose.
I here quite often about this clutch noise problem......but mine has none at all..........who else has the noise?
It seems like it is mostly at startup. Once the bike is riden and warmed up, the idle noise is much less.
I've always had a little noise, but it's not getting any louder.
Check your idle speed. It should be at 1100 RPM.
If its low 800-1000 rpm your bike will make that noise.