cleanin' the chain


Just like to hear how many of you go about cleaning your chain. Is there a mess-free way? Just ordered my rear jackstand and I don't want to get kerosene all over my bike or garage floor. Please help with any tips.......thx
I run a non-oring chain so I have to keep it real clean. I WD-40 it after every ride. At each oil change I soak it in the parts cleaner over night, then wipe it down and hit it with an air gun. This is extream but it gets it clean inside and out.
Motorcyclsit just had an article on this one. They said to get a cheap metal tray from the grocery store and put that under the chain and then use kerosene to clean it. Use soft wire brushes being careful not to jam in between the plates very hard which would push the dirt past the o-rings. Lube her back up and ready to go.
I just put rags underneath, clean with wd-40, chain brush(plastic bristles shaped like a U cleans 3 sides in one stroke), and a rag. Then I ride for few mins to heat the chain up and then lube it. Be careful with metal bristles.
I just bought a dish cleaning tool with a built in resevoir (for the kerosene) and a spongy end ..... cost me 3.00

I think that this will clean quickly. I will find out though..
You need a rear stand to do it the best, or have your wife put on some gloves and help you.

If your chain hasnt been cleaned in a long time, like 1000 miles, blast it with brake cleaner and hose it off. Only do this if it is COATED in junk. This is an extreme step and should be avoided if you can help it.

If the chain is fairly clean, put the bike on rear stand, let the bike idle in gear (rear tire spinning) and coat the chain in WD-40. Then use a terry cloth rag and continue spraying and wiping the chain until it gets fairly clean.

Once the chain has been cleaned with WD-40, ride the bike around the block a few times then bring it in and put it back on the stand. Hit it with some PJ-1 and you're all set!

I'm with Thunder Pantz as I to also just use a paint pan and a soft tooth brush. Be sure to heat up the chain by riding it for a few miles to help loosen up the chain (expand) . Not to step anyone toes but I have heard more negative responses about W-D40 as a chain cleaning agent and the bike manual also suggest using kerosene for cleaning the chain.

Just my .02
Haven't had any problems with wd-40. Do you have any details, what wd-40 did or didn't do? Since I use wd-40 I'm definately interested.
Do a search on chains over It was mentioned o-ring rotting . Hell Kerosene is cheaper and the manual recommends it use . I just purchased a squirt oil can and a gal pal of kerosene from LOWES.
If you are concerned about WD-40 "rotting" the o-rings, go to the hardware store - buy an o-ring - fill the cap off your WD-40 can with WD-40 - drop in the o-ring and look at it after a few days of soaking.
Ummm, Jack... Do they use hardware store o-rings on the busa chain? Prolly not... I'm thinking that there could be a difference in materials used in these two types of o-rings. Could be wrong though... :super:
Not to be a giant you know what, but personally I wouldn't idle my bike and have the chain move while cleaning it if my life depended on it......because it could.. The tiny bit of time it might save wouldn't be worth the lost fingers, caught clothing or something worse that could happen. You might get away with it 99 out of 100 times, but time #100....ouch.

Other than that, there are some great suggestions here.

Sorry if I offended anyone.