Chrome Busa


If Santa left this in your garage Christmas Eve, You would NOT be upset!

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Not if he also left a case of chrome polish and a bundle of rags.

I'd be like, OOOoooh, uh, yeah, uh thanks Santa...What's Gixx1300's number?
The corbins can be ordered in different colors of vinyl or leather.  I don't know if that is a corbin, but I think that is a color they offer.  In fact, I'm about to order a new Corbin, and that's the color I would like to go with my Silver/Silver '02.
Man that is gorgeous! It would probably be a pain in the ass to maintain that state of shine if the bike was really a daily rider. Bet its only a show bike.
I could not imagine the maintance on that chrome! Mine is hard enough to keep up. But it is peeeeerrttyy!
I have 10 more pics of that bike if anyone is interested. Last time it was shown here, I saved the photos... cuz I liked it (BITE ME
) but I never looked at it again until Christmas day. Dunno why, don't ask, just did.

I got em if ya want em.
It does look very nice it just looks better in someone else's driveway, not my style.
Santa should have dropped it off at my place...But she wouldn't even show up for the easy thing...Well there will be other Xmas'...That bike is tight and deserves mad props...
Can someone give me info about this bike, i want to know where i can get this done ti mt bike.....price...wait time and any other relivant info. thanx