I have had sprotbikes for years and went to harley since 95, I bought a gsxh 1000 in 06 and really loved it, it was fuel injected, I just bought my first busa an 07 black one, why does it have a choke if it fuel injected?


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HArley has the same thing. called the enricher have one on my springer and it's idle.
yes it is just the same as cracking the throttle open a little when you start it, from that there is a cable that runs down to a cam that opens the throttle bodies up a little just for cold starts.... and a possible cruise control (build up cam and regrind new profile on it, BEWARE, will not close unless YOU close it) but it is not really a choke, it does not dump more fule in from its on source or anything like carberated bikes.

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