Changing of the guards


Dis in my way!
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Please join with me and congradulate MC Mustang to his new role as a moderator. Shawn has shown that he is level headed and has absolutely jumped in with both feet as a member and I appreciate it. Shawn will do a great job as a mod and he is looking forward to the free busa he gets when promoted to mod  

Thanks for being a help to us as a member Shawn, now lets see whatcha got with the nuke button....


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Congratulations Shawn!! Seems like Cap made a great choice. I have seen ALOT of your posts! You are knowledgable, friendly, level headed, fair, etc.. You will be a great asset to us all. Thanks for helping out the org, me as a member, and the rest of the guys! Also good luck with all of the B.S. that goes along with the MOD title. Should make for some interesting dinner topics I would imagine at least. LOL
BWAH HA HA HA HA!!! Oh man!!! he accepted!!! he has NOOOOO idea what he is in for!!! LOL!!!!..

ehem..... I mean... congrats Shawn
gah! Now I gotta LET him win playing MotoGP online or he'll ban me :p

hehehe congrats, have fun!
Congrats!!! Do the mods get broken in like Freshmen in college or rookies in sports?