I got to meet another Org member

lil charlie

Shawn, MC Mustang, is in town for business. My lovely wife made a full spread of pork tacos, Spanish rice, and beans. The pork carnitas was a new recipe so I was worried it wouldn't come out right but I think they were great.

It was nice to finely meet you Shawn (and his friend Steve who came with him). I love putting faces to names; one day I'll make it to a bash and get to meet more of you.

My 3 year old was all shy the entire time they were here. Then when it was time for them to go he was all talkative and asked if he could go with them, lol.

MCM has hair, sunglasses and tattoos...you know, a retired Marine :thumbsup: sounds like that was a good time with good people :beerchug:

Don't let him fool you with the whole Marine thing semi. I got him drunk and he told me it was the Reserve Coast Guard. :hide:
OMG! I've never seen Shawn with so much hair. He looks like a civilian LOL.
Glad y'all got to meet up.

I know, he's let himself go! :laugh:

Kidding Shawn, looking very good and relaxed for a change!!

Kevin, you did meet a good one there...glad you guys had the chance to break bread and it sounds like we all need to head to your house for some dinner! :p
That looks like a lot of fun to me...and may i say what a spread of grub damn!