Changing brake pads


Is changing ones front brake pads something that you can do or should I take it to the shop and pay? I would love to do some of this stuff myself, however, we are talking about, you know brakes after all.

Thanks guys for your advice with this one.

You can do it with the supplied tool kit if you are careful. Use some mechanix gloves to cut down on clean up.. It is a piece of cake, really it is...
Welcome to Do it yourself and $AVE. You can download the shop manual
It is very simple to do... word of advice though, get some brake parts cleaner and clean out the caliper pistons with a old tooth brush while you have the calipers unmounted and old brake pads out...
Not hard to do. Pull out the service manual and it walks you through it. And welcome.
Just did this couple days ago. Half hour job for those that have never done it before. Hardest part was getting the caliper back on the rotor. EBC HH pads all the way.
Brake Pads aren't a problem so long as your current rotors are good to go and your calipers are in good shape.
Anybody have pics showing step by step. I've been thinking of doing mine also. I do have a manual so I guess it wouldn't be a problem. Watched my son do his 900RR and it seemed pretty straight forward.
At least that's what I've heard...

I still just take my ride in and have it done by a pro. I don't mess around with brakes, they are what keeps you alive.
You dont have to remove the calipers even. There are 2 pins with a locking clip and I thin a torx for the shield. They slid out the back.
Sheild comes off first.
Then without maring the rotor push the pads back, that pushes the pistons back.
Pull the clips and pins.
Slide pads out.
Then reverse, pads in pin, clip and shield.
Most important, remember to appy the brakes over and over before first ride. Or you might be in for a suprize. No brakes sux.
Remove the protective aluminum plate.

Pull the cotter pin.

Remove pin holding in the brake pad pin.


Now you should be able to pull the two brake pads out and see the three pistons that compress the pads onto the rotor.

After the pads are out be sure not to hit the front brake lever!!!!!!!!

To get your new pads in just push the piston in so your new pads will fit. Then slide the caliper back onto the rotor and reverse your steps.
Rhythm, you Da Man. Very Nice, rlachermeier, thank you as well.
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