Chain tension


I have 99 busa, can't get chain tensioned correctly, with bike on stand and I rotate rear wheel the chain gets tight then very loose (2"), indicated in the rear wheel, it is about .010 out, max. I think the chain is stretched, does anyone have any ideas on what the problem is?
I don't have that much experience, so keep that in mind, but it sounds like the chain has stretched unevenly. Could be a sign of a few links starting to give up the ghost. When those links get between the wheels the chain has much more slack.

If it were me, I'd probably take her in and get a new chain. Not worth the risk.

How many miles on the chain? Soak it in kerosene and lube it well, see if that helps any.
Your chain has a tight spot and really should be replaced. Adjust the chain by finding the tight spot adjust the slack so the tight spot is within factory spec about an inch to an inch and a half slack and leave it there when the loose side comes around it will be slack nothing can be done about that but its better than running the chain to tight as you will damage your drive line. If possible replace the chain as soon as possible. Knebnr