carbon fiber cans


do the carbon exhaust pipes have any draw backs to them?

do they hold up as long as the other types.

(will heat finally mess them up, or will they stay nice for ever)
Bird, I have the Yoshi RS3 on my 2002 SE and have had no problems. These are the only the dual cans, not the full system. I have 8000k miles on these and have no cracks, change in finish, ect. What I can tell you is that the one page of installation instructions says that you need to re-pack the cans after 15K miles. Yea, Yea, thats on my list, NOT!

Hope this helps.

B. Ray

Depends on the manufacture. I had Carbon HMF cans. Very nice. Theay re on their third owner and still looking great. I also had a set of carbon 2 brothers they are on their second owner and still looking fresh.
My Micron can was fine after 12k on my ZX-9.
My Sato can sucked after 8k
I haven't installed my Akra carbon yet.