Canadian Hayabusa


Got a great deal on a 2001 Busa: low miles, one owner... that kind of stuff. Not until I picked it up did it dawn on me that it is a Canadian model. The speedometer reads in kilometers only. Anybody know what it would cost to get a Speedo that reads in MPH? Also, while I'm at it, Anybody know what all the differences are between the U.S. and Canadian models?
You can find speedo's advertised on EBay all the time - go for the 220mph if you can about £50.00 ( don't know what that is in dollars ). Don't think there is any other difference but I'm sure someone on this board will explain if I'm wrong......

Don't worry about it and you can always get stickers to go over the clock to show mph if you do not want to change. Enjoy your ride - there brilliant machines.
There is a thing called a yellow box that you would have to get and a new display with MPH on it. Then just us a GPS to calibrate the yellow box to fix your speed. I think the yellow box is good for +-25% so That should be a big enough range to fix it. Besides New dials look better and if you have a new bike and want the speedo to go to 220 then you have to do this mod anyways.

Maybe this will help some.

BTW KPH is no reason to get rid of the fastest production bike made.. :D :D :D :D
The YELLOWBOX won't work on a Canadian Speedo for odometer miles correction!

The problems I was having are.........Even if you switch the yellow box to the KPH mode the digital odometer window still reads in Kilometers. So even if you switch it to record miles, it still indicates Kilometers. Also when it is in the KPH mode the Speedo reads half as fast and doesn't have enough correction in the box to make the gauge read right. So you can only have one or the other, either the speed right or the odometer in miles (recorded not viewed) but not both!

I would just leave it like it is and get use to figuring your kilometers-miles ratio in your head.

I thought about buying a new Speedo cluster but the odometer will start over and I have yet to find someone who can adjust the odometer to read right on a Hayabusa. I have found several for the GSXR1000/750/600 but no BUSA! You can find the clusters used for between $150-200 and NEW ones are $520!

As far as other changes, I am not sure on the 01's but I would guess not much is changed if anything.

Josh :cool:
um, doesnt the speedo convert for you? isnt it analog? MPH may be smaller digits but it should be accurate, as accurate as an american speedo that has KPH in small digits? hmmmmm......

If you just want the gauges to read MPH and don't care about the odometer window can just buy some aftermarket gauges. You can get about any color you want and can even get custom made ones if you would like. For just the gauge faces, they are between $89-200 depending what you want.

If you decide to put a 220 MPH gauge face on it then you will still need the yellow box to correct the speedo!

Josh :D