Question on us vs. canadian busas


Does anyone know what the difference is between the American and Canadian versions of the '02 Busas? If you could get a Canadian new for $1000 less than an American one would you or would you not buy it? Your input for a newbie on this subject is appreciated.
New Canadian models can be bought for $9400 to your door. They will change the faceplates for you to read MPH and the deal isn't final until you see the bike and are happy. Warrantee service may be tricky if you have a bobo for a dealer, but if there is ever repair, they simply foot the bill to Suzuki Canada. I know a few locals here thay got theirs that way and are happy (well, those that didn't wreck like idiots).
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Do you think that it is right for riders in the USA to be taking away good Canadian Hayabusas. I mean your country has 11 times the population of Canada and that could mean no Hayabusas for us folks up here. I could see if we had some leftover bikes but a Canadian dealer will sell to an American first just for the bloody exchange rate.
Something to think about.

I like my money where it is... in MY pocket. I'll be dammed if I'm gonna pay MSRP for a bike out here when I can get it for less someplace else. That's why I bought mine in Australia for 8,000 INCLUDING 3 day air freight shipping (don't try this at home)...