Cam chain replacement


I have'nt serviced my '99 model with 109k cam chain or replaced them ever, so I checked with a guy who specilaizes in Busa's and he mentioned that it's time I replced the cam chains and do a valve job. On the other hand some other shop told me the cam chains last for the life of the bike and they need to be adjusted with the tensioner.

Do you guys know if the cam chain needs replacement after a certain number of Km's or can I just adjust the tensioner?

The reason for this probe is that it's running a bit rough with some clunking sound, any thoughts?
Thanks Top Gun, as you mentioned, I was at the shop today and the mechanic suggested I replace the chain, tensioner and valve (shims). Should cost me about $300 for labour + parts. Sounds reasonable?
Update: Purchased new timing chain and gaskets, will be doing the job this week along with the shims. Will let you know how it all worked out.
Update: Had the timing chain replaced (it was stretched), replaced two valve shims as the other two were within spec and synced the TB. The bike runs smooth, with minimal engine vibration. I also noticed that the pick up is much faster and responsive.

I just got back from New Jersey, was riding for 9 hrs straight except stopping for gas, the bike was awesome, no fatigue :laugh: and I could have gone on riding if it wasn't for the heat.