Cam chain tensioner recall


Has anyone noticed any change in their bike's performance, for better
or for worse, after installing the new cam chain tensioner?
Just to let you know when I bought my bike they did the recall before I could pick it up. Later when I had it dynoed it was only putting out 125hp. I found out that they had put the chain on one tooth out but the bike ran smoothly except once and a while it coughed under hard acceleration on the highway. So I would recommend that you bring it back the shop and make them run it. Mine now makes 158hp at the rear tire.
Wow! Thanks for letting us know that. I havn't noticed any problems
but havn't measured performance since it has been done either.
Hopefully that doesn't happen too often.
From what I understand it has happened a number of times and it is very easy for this to happen. The shop that did mine told me that they have done it wrong a couple of times but caught it before it left. It took them at least two attempts to get it right on my bike. If the chain is off one way it runs good but if it is the other way it will barely run if it runs at all.
And just to make it more fun after sitting around all day for them to fix it I only made it about five miles down the road then the cam broke in half. I was told that may have happened due to somthing in the reassembly was done out of sequence and put the cam in a bind. At least it was all covered under warranty.
Hopefully this won't happen to anyone else

This is the before and after dyno run. The low hp run is with the can chain one tooth off and the other one is with it done right. Just a little difference.
That is correct the recall only affected the 1999 and 2000 model.
Any Suzuki dealer should be able to tell if the recall was performed on your bike. All they should need is the Vin number. If they can't answer you than call Suzuki at (714) 572- 1490 (CA).
A dealer failed to do the recall work on my bike in April 2000 and the part failed in Oct 2001 causing $3000.00 in damage to my engine. However the dealer bit the cost because I had the extended warranty. If you own a 1999 Busa get it checked or it will cost you!

If your not sure and you want to be positive the work has been done, just bring the bike back to the dealer you bought it from, which is what I did 2 days ago and it'll only take 1 minute to check by the mechanic. I have a 2001 which I thought didn't have a problem. Apparently the 2001 still came with the problem, they take care of the recall before the bike leaves the dealer.