Calling All Big/Tall 'Busa Owners


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I'm looking at purchasing the Hayabusa, and am wondering how comfortable the bike is both for short rides, and long ones? I'm about 6'5" and 19 stone. OK, ok. 275 pounds, but I plan on losing some of that.

One of my biggest concerns was the windscreen. I noticed at the dealership that I was looking through it to see the gauges. That seems a bit sub-optimal to me, and was wondering what the availability of aftermarket "super" or "double" bubbles?

Thanks in advance!

I can help you with the windscreen. I'm 5'11" and tried the double-bubble. Looks great and can see the gauges just fine, but still had a problem with wind as it gets very windy where I live. I now use the Sport Touring screen by Zero Gravity. It is awesome for wind deflection, and takes a bit to get used to the look. I will post photos of mine.... there somewhere.......
Zero Gravity Sport Touring screen:


currently my only photo of it.
Hey Juggler,

I am 6'5" also and I use both the Zero Gravity Double Bubble and the PowerBronze Double Bubble. Either one works great. Just depends on which one you think looks better. I would have to agree with Cache in that the Sport Touring would probably provide the best production. I still haven't decided which I prefer between the PowerBronze and the Zero Gravity.

I'm a short 5'8" so it's not a problem for me. Welcome to the board.
I'm 6'-2", 217 lbs. I use the Power Bronze Double Bubble and love it. It let's a fair amount of wind over the screen and at my head. If you are looking for total wind deflection then you will need to get a high rise screen.
6'2 250...I use the factory sheild...Busa is straght to ride esp. long rides...You can't beat the comfort...
I'm 6' 8" and ride with the Power Bronze screen. The stock screen directed the air flow at my chest. The Power Bronze directs it at my head but it was definately an improvement. It also made it possible to see the gauges without ducking to see under the stock screen. The sport touring screen sounds like it would direct the air flow completely over me but I'm not too excited about the appearance. The Power Bronze screen was $69.00.

Welcome to the board!
6'4" and 210# you bunch of fatties ;) I use the stock screen I can't see how fast I'm going but its prolly too fast anyway. Air hits me in the chest, which is cool. Legs get a bit cramped after awhile but is still the most comfy sportbike I've ever ridden.
6'4", 200 lbs of solid muscle.

I love the ride. Very comfortable and the double bubble makes for a nice improvement.
I am 6'4" and 210lbs. and I have a powerbronze double bubble on my bird. It comes up a bit higher than my buddies zg double bubble (about an inch) and I like it alot. I can see the gauges and I don't have to tuck all the way to the gas tank when riding in chilly weather. The powerbronze is also thicker than the zg so you won't have to do the "tape mod".
6'5 225. The Powerbronze Double Bubble is the way to go. I allows you to see the gauges with no obstruction. I think the quality is a lot better on the Powerbronze then the ZG.
6'5", 250lbs................Change the wind screen and you'll love this bike! Its like strapping a rocket to your backside.
change the windscreen and the best mod would be to change the footpegs for some extra leg room and youll be happy.
6'4" 310#

ZG double bubble, Screen works fine...stillget a head blast of wind but that may be because my stomach forces me to sit high on the tank!