Buying a busa online

i have found some great deals on 2002 busas and they only bad part is that they are in other parts of the country. some of them have internet specials and will ship anywhere in the U.S. is this a good idea or should i keep lookin for somewhere close to me.


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Be wary of sticker vs. out-the-door (OTD) prices. This is especially the case with Chicago Cycle and the likes, who will list a 'cheap' price but then tack on $1500 in 'setup' fees.

Some bare facts on new bikes:

1. Freight from the factory to the dealer is NOT paid by the dealer. The factory pays this, not you. Make a big deal about this and if they still want to charge you, go somewhere else. Plenty of places to buy OTD under $10K if you look.

2. When the bike comes in a crate, the front wheel, mirrors, windsheild and battery are placed and gas is added. That's it. If you're willing to pay some monkey $500-1500 to take 3 hours doing that, expect to get reamed every time.

You can probably find some of the best deals online, but you need to look for them and you need to be aware of these under-handed tacticts dealers, both online and local, use. Get everything upfront and don't agree to anything not in writting.



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You can find some good deals but Narcissus si right, you can get burned real bad. You may also be able to find some good deals local, compare around you, that will allow you to inspect.
Go on ebay and look up Snowpro44 seller, he is out of Onterio and sold me a 2002 Busa for $9100 plus $350 to ship it to me. Thats it, no hidden cost. Good guy to deal with.
what about the epa regulations if i was to buy it from the guy in canada.where are you located win43win?did the bike come in kilos or miles?just curious cuz that is a good deal.
Dont know about the speedo yet, it is on the way. I talked to 2 people that had bought bikes from him off ebay though before I purchased it, 1 bought a busa and the other a GSXR1000 and both said he delievered the bike as promised. I will let you know, it should be here around Friday or so. I also got all his dealer info and checked that out before I purchased from him also. He is paying the export tax on the bike. I will let you know how it goes.
Nope, he had to change the speedo for me to read MPH instead of KPM. He did not charge me, so that was great. But they had to order the part to change it so it is being shipped today. It should be here next Tuesday or Wednesday. His phone # is on his auctions on ebay if you wanted to give him a call. But I would buy one off his auctions because he had told me $9200 straight buy from him, but I waited for an auction to go off and got it for $9100.
That post was confusing after I read it. LOL The part has already come in and been put on the bike and the bike is being shipped out today, not the part. lol Oh and as far as total cost for me. It was $9100 for the bike, then $350 to ship it to me. For a total of $9450. And of course I will have to pay my state sales tax on the $9100 when I register the bike.
Thats it for the final cost. Your going to have to pay your states sales tax that applies anywhere you live, that cost just depends on your state. The $9450 is to my door from him. I finaly got the confirmation from Yellow Freight this morning that the Busa will be here WEDNESDAY!!!!! Woo Hoo. I can't wait. The bike is right now sitting in Detroit, Michigan, slowly making its way down to me.

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