I want a busa
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If you have loads a money, an understanding wife and natural a disposition to own and ride The fastest production bike in the world, ever !!!!! Then get one, a Blue/Silver one, failing that ,get a ZX12 R  



Does your wife have a Single Sister...say..ohhh about 26-35? Looks aren't important...just make sure she has the same outlook about bikes..Thanks..


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James I am tired of hearing you talk about it, just go get one and be done with it. It will be the happiest moment of your pathetic life. hahahah You could ride out this spring with Eric and I again.


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capt. question, how in the hell do you ride your bike in OKC, I was there today and traffic sux, bad!! but then again, so does tulsa, its as bad or worse than OKC!!!



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It's not that bad, rush hour here sucks, thats why I leave work either really early or really late. Only for about and hour in the morning and evening is the traffic that bad.. At 11pm when we usually ride there is no traffic


Cool... I am from Oklahoma. Grew up in Enid. Being from OK is good(far from OK that is!!!)
I still have family there and come home now and then. Mom and Dad still haven't seen the busa! I may have to make a trip this spring!!!

Now I live in Atlanta. I am about 30-40 minutes from the mountains and about 1.5 hours from Deal's Gap. Any Okies that want to make a trip over this way, have a place to stay if they want. Just give me enough notice to warn the wife!!!


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