Busa longevity ?


i've been readin more and more 2000 ads and i've seen quite a few that say "in need of engine rebuild" or just had engine rebuilt.

how long or how many miles are these bikes generally good for?

i have a friend with a 95 cbr 600 i think and its still runnin strong and its been torn to hell all its life!

any suggestions?
thanx guys
Depends on how hard you drive and how often you max out the engine. Lots of bikes only put 1,000 miles per year on but those 100 miles are at the drag strip 1/4 mile at a time.
I had 62000 on my 89 1100 GSXR some fun at the dragstrip but not all the time I ride hard but stay off the rev limiter Suzukis are bullet proof
yea thats what i was thinkin, i mean they are the fastest stock bikes so people would take advantage of that at the track.

i dont think i can do a 'quick tear down' to examine cyl wall cross pattern before i buy my bike

about every time my friend lets me ride his 6R it seens 13.5G at least 4 times lol

so does the busa have a rev limiter at 11G or is that all it is suposed to rev to?